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Park Updates

June 2021 Updates

6/15/21 Dennis Bergman who resides at Lot# G8 was appointed to fill the open seat on the Board of Directors at the June 14th ROC Meeting. Dennis is a seasonal resident who travels back to Canada for the Summer months.

We are officially into the hurricane season as of June 1st. This year Westwinds has gathered a group of Volunteers who are willing to volunteer their services to remove yard ornaments, potted plants, and lower shutters over windows in preparation for hurricane. If you need assistances with hurricane preparation please review, fill out the attachment below, and send into the office. Please be advised that oversized pots and large ornaments will not be moved by the Volunteers due to insurance liabilities.

May 2021 Updates

Our new park manager, Lou Paul, started on May 13, 2021. Lou's current office hours will be: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10:30am -3pm; Tuesday and Thursday 12pm -4pm. Feel free to stop in the office and say hello.

April 2021 Updates

A new board was elected on April 12, 2021. Congrats to the new 2021 ROC Board Members:

Jeff Brott, President 2020 - 2023

Mark Blair, Vice President 2020 - 2022

Randy Huebert, Secretary 2020 - 2023

Wayne Bailey, Treasurer 2020 - 2022

Doug Kubiak, Director 2020 - 2022

Troy McGalliard, Director 2020 - 2023

Gale Grems, Director 2021 - 2024

Sue Stine, Director 2021 - 2024

Dennis Bergman 2021- 2024

April Driveway Apron Power Washing

Quite a few residents had their driveway aprons power washed. Several still need to be done. If you would like to have your apron power washing by M&M, they charge $40.00/ apron. They will do the whole driveway for $80.00. They also provide other services. Please contact Renee at the office for further details.