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Board Appointed Committees

This section of the Westwinds Village website is devoted to the Board Appointed Committees. The committees are appointed by the Board of Directors and serve at the discretion of the Board and are accountable to the Board. All Board committee's are led by a volunteer chairperson and the committees are made up of volunteers desiring to play an active role in Westwinds Village.

Volunteers in Westwinds Village have contributed significantly to the quality of life experienced by all shareholders. Many hours are contributed each year by the volunteers to enhancing Westwinds Village through beautification projects, maintenance and operations.

The intent of the Board Appointed Committees section of the website is to provide information for use by the committees as to their purpose and various activities. It is intended to provide a repository for the Board Appointed Committees to place minutes from their meetings, listing of activities, listings of chairpersons and volunteer committee members, etc. As committees transition over time this part of the website will be helpful to new leadership and volunteer committee members to gain a historical perspective of previous activities and responsibilities of each committee.

This website section will give the Board of Directors a valuable insight about past committee activities, responsibilities, and where applicable important procedural processes followed to carry out the committees stated purposes.

Shareholders will have open access to the website to explore volunteer opportunities that best meet their interests and talents. Westwinds depends heavily on the the volunteers (shareholders) to enhance the village for everyone's benefit and enjoyments.