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Rules & Regulations



APPROVED: November 2012

The shareholders and the Board of Directors of Westwinds Village, Inc. have attempted to create a beautiful and desirable mobile home community.  The rules which follow are intended to ensure peace, quiet, health, cleanliness, safety and beauty within the park, which should make for carefree living in an attractive atmosphere and preservation of your investment.  The terms “Westwinds”, “Village”, “park”, “community”, “Westwinds Village”, “ROC” (resident owned community) and “corporation”, used herein, refer to Westwinds Village, Inc.  The terms “park management” and “management”, used herein refer to the park manager, who is governed by the Westwinds Village Board of Directors.  The term “office” used herein, refers to the Westwinds Village Office.  The term “REC”, used herein, refers to Westwinds Recreation Association.  Any additions, changes, deletions, or interpretation of the rules and regulations are the sole responsibility of the Board of Directors.


Prospective new owners, share holders, and all renters must be approved by park management before moving into the community.  Westwinds is an 55+ community with a minimum age requirement of 45 for every resident and a minimum age of 55+ for at least one member living in each home unit, except for caregivers. Criminal and financial background checks are required at the applicant(s) expense.  If any renter(s), or seasonal renter moves out of Westwinds for longer than 2 (two) years they must go through a background check before returning.


All fees are due and payable within the first five (5) days of the month. Storage fees are paid in advance on a yearly basis. All residents will pay bank and Westwinds fees for NSF checks. The fees are posted in the office. A late charge of $1 per day from the first will be charged for payments received after the 5th   calendar day of the month.  Late storage fees will be charged after 30 (thirty) days’ delinquent.  The fees are posted in the office.  A drop slot for payments is situated to the left of the office front entrance.


(A) All homes shall be maintained as a personal residence and shall be kept clean, neat and attractive, and in a good state of repair.  The park manager and residents chosen by the park manager will conduct periodic inspections of the park to ensure that all homes in the park meet those standards. When a homeowners leaves for the summer, they must make arrangements for someone to watch over their mobile home and perform such weeding and trimming as needs to be done.  The homeowner is required to inform the office of the homeowner’s designated summertime caretaker. If lawns and yards are not maintained, management reserves the right to have the necessary work done at the expense of the home owner.

(B) No debris shall be stored outside on the premises around the home or the carport.  One outdoor utility room of approved design is permitted and only one is allowed. This includes enclosed utility rooms.

(C) Residents with items for sale are to list them on the park TV channel or dispose of items through the carport sale(s) sponsored by Westwinds, which are open to the public.  Items for sale should not be displayed on the lawn, carports or pads with a “for sale” sign. Only event signs sponsored by the ROC Board or REC Association are allowed to be posted outside the park entrances.

(D) To ensure that each home contributes to the aesthetic appearance of the park, any and all construction done or caused to be done by a tenant to the exterior of the mobile home or on the lot requires prior approval by the Board of Directors.  An ARC form and a sketch of the planned improvements, including skirting, must be submitted prior to beginning any construction to the ARC (Architectural Review Committee) and the park Manager.  Exterior re-painting or siding of a mobile home, carport, driveway, utility room, etc. in colors other than the original must have prior written approval. All colors must conform to existing park colors.  ARC’s determinations will be reviewed by the Board of Directors at the next regularly scheduled Board of Directors Meeting, along with any request for waiver. Work can be done by owner or licensed contractors, with proof of workers’ comp and liability insurance.  Residents may assist other residents in maintaining their homes and yards.  Any exterior work so performed must conform to the park rules.

(E) Residents are responsible for cutting, edging, and trimming, watering, weeding and fertilizing their own lawns and landscape areasThe Park provides lawn service that includes cutting and edging each resident’s lawn.If you choose to mow your own lawn, the request must be in writing to the Park Manager and cutting must coincide with the Parks mowing schedule and mower height of the other lawns. An exterior well-water faucet has been provided for use in watering lawns and plants and for washing cars.  County water is not to be used for this purpose, and no exterior faucets for county water are permitted.  No shrubs, trees or flowers shall be planted so that they extend onto adjoining lots.

(F) All trees and foliage within the lot lines are the responsibility of the resident.  Landscaping is encouraged, but written management approval must be obtained before purchase for type and location of trees, because all utilities are underground. Respect for each other’s property and privacy is required, so residents, their guests, pets and visitors shall not walk, uninvited, across the lawns of others.  Water is not allowed to run needlessly into the roadway.  When you are permitted to water is based on state and/or county water restrictions.  For safety reasons, all pole lamps should be clean, painted, and in working order and be on from dusk to dawn, even when the homeowner leaves town.

(G)  A front planter or decorative landscaping is required.  No metal or wood steps allowed.  Any damaged, deteriorated, crooked, non-level or otherwise unsightly exterior parts, features or utility sheds must be repaired or replaced.  Any existing hitches must be removed and a pole lamp installed if none is present.  Any fences enclosing a property must be removed.


(A) Service is provided at each residence.There is no limit to the number of properly sized containers that will be collected from each residence.  Trash/garbage must be placed in plastic bags.  No loose garbage will be picked up.  The plastic bags shall not exceed 32 gallons in capacity, and shall not weigh more than 50 pounds when filled.  Plastic bags must be of adequate thickness and tied to prevent spillage. Garbage and recycle containers must be put out not earlier than the night before the collection day and removed on or before the evening of the day the pick-up has occurred. Collection days are posted in the park office.

(B) All logs, tree limbs, brush, palm fronds and other garden trash must not exceed 6 inches in diameter and must be cut in 4-foot lengths or less and tightly bundled for collection.  Each bundle must not exceed 50 pounds.  Garden trash must be placed in plastic bags and will be collected on yard waste collection day which is posted in the park office.

(C) Special items such as refrigerators, stoves, furniture,mattresses, lawnmowers, bicycles, television sets and construction materials (except by licensed professional contractors) will be collected from the curbside location.  Office must be called in advance for large items. The day of pickup is posted in the office.

(D)  Manatee County has established a recycling program that includes Westwinds.  Each resident will be issued two (2) containers.  One container is for paper; another for commingled materials. Recycling collection day is posted in the park office.

First container: newspapers, junk mail, magazines and flattened corrugated cardboard that fits in the container.

Second container: aluminum cans & steel cans; Plastic bottles – marked with symbols #1 thru #7 (in triangle).  Glass bottles & jars – clear, brown & green (remove lids).


Only umbrella-type clotheslines may be used and are to be located as approved by management.


To protect residents and property, all residents, visitors and guests must observe the 10 m.p.h. speed limit and obey all stop signs and traffic rules.

7.     VEHICLES:

(A) Each home shall be allowed to park only two motor (2) vehicles, tenants’ cars included, (motorcycles are considered as a motor vehicle) excluding golf carts in Westwinds.  Residents shall park on their own parking pads, driveways, paving stones or carports and not on any lawn.  Written permission is required from the owner for another resident to use their parking pad, driveway or carport.   A copy of written permission must be given to the office.  For those homeowners who are keeping more than two (2) vehicles on the premises as of the effective date of this change in the rules, each of those homeowners shall be responsible to register their vehicles with the park office in writing within 30 (thirty) days after the approval date of the Rules & Regulations.  A homeowner who presently owns more than two (2) vehicles is grandfathered and is able to continue to have that many vehicles. The homeowner may trade-in a vehicle but may not sell a vehicle and at a later date purchase a new vehicle if that new vehicle is over the two (2) limit per household.

For reasons of safety, visitors or residents shall not park on the street overnight. Ample extra parking is available at the Westwinds office or such other places as management directs – on a temporary basis.

(B) Visitors of park residents with campers, motor homes or travel trailers must park them in the parking area at the Westwinds office, with management approval.  No one is permitted to sleep in a camper, travel trailer or motor home at any time even though such unit may be self-contained.  Westwinds is not licensed for RV occupancy.

(C) Vehicle repair is only permitted in the storage area and no unsightly, unlicensed, expired registration or inoperative vehicles are permitted.

(D) Noisy vehicles are not allowed.  Resident owned electric golf carts are permitted, but must obey all traffic rules, including a driver 16 years of age or older, and be operated on the Village streets only.  Golf carts operating at night must have front and rear lights. Residents withgolf carts must register their golf carts, show proof of insurance and receive a numbered sticker from the office. Golf carts must be operated on the Village streets only (except for maintenance personnel)

(E) Trucks over 1 ton capacity are not allowed to be parked in the Village overnight.  Commercial, construction equipment or contractor vehicles are not allowed to park in Westwinds Village overnight.

(F) Residents may wash their cars on their own carports, pads or on the specifically designated space in the storage area.  Well water is to be used for this purpose.

(G) Residents shall not store campers, cargo trailers, travel trailers, motor homes, or boats of any kind or recreation vehicles on their lot, carport, car pad or street.  A space, if available, may be leased in the storage area for such vehicles for a fee as established by the Board of Directors and posted at the office.  One space per household is allowed.  All requests must be made in writing at the office and yearly fee shall be paid in advance.  Only property belonging to the residents may be stored in the storage area.

(H) Westwinds roads are private.  Management specifically reserves the right to restrict the operation of all delivery transportation or other vehicles within the park which are deemed to be detrimental to the safety and well-being of the residents and the preservation of the park grounds and roadways.  Management reserves the right to ban from the park any vehicle that is a hazard, nuisance or discredit to the park or is in frequent violation of traffic rules.

8.     NOISE:

At anytime residents shall not sing, shout, argue or play any radio, television, stereo, or musical instrument in such a manner as to annoy other residents in the park, or do any construction/remodeling after 11 pm or before 8am.  During the summer months lawn cutting may start around 7am due to the heat.  The park is to be a quiet place to live.


(A) Any home owner who decides to sell or rent his/her home, must notify the office in writing first. Management must approve all prospective residents and renters for any length of stay; a background verification is required beforehand at their expense. A renter may not sub-let the home.  Each owner is responsible for his renters and guests and their conformance to the rules of the park.

(B) Only 2 (two) for sale/ realty signs not to exceed 18” x 24” may be displayed in the windows and they must adhere to the rules of the Florida Real Estate Commission.

(C) If a home is to be sold, title transferred and is to remain in the park, the general age, quality, and over-all appearance must conform with the quality and appearance of surrounding homes so that the value of the area is maintained.  Skirting must be approved by management.

(D) All designs for remedial work or construction must be approved in writing by park management.  One (1) carport or parking pad is allowed, not both.

(E) Residents shall notify park management at least thirty (30) days prior to moving a mobile home from the park. This will allow appropriate arrangements to be made for protection of wiring, plumbing and other underground utilities and for the park manager or another authorized park representative to be present when the move is made. Before the home is removed it must be pest/ termite inspected and treated, if needed, at the owner’s expense. (This will protect other homes from getting pest/termites.) Unless the lot is left neat and clean, clean-up will be completed at the expense of the home owner.

(F) No shareholder/entity is allowed to have ownership interest in more than 2 units inWestwindsVillage. The spouse and/or partner of shareholders shall also be considered the shareholder for the purpose of this rule.

(G) Resident(s) has/have one (1) year (unless an extension is granted by the park manager or ROC Board) from the purchase date to have an approved mobile home put on an empty lot or a lot on which a mobile home has been removed. If a mobile home has been condemned, you will have ninety (90) days to have the home removed.  In the event of a hurricane or disaster the streets will be cleared as necessary.

(H) Homes that are to be purchased by shareholders/lot renters for residence in Westwinds Village, either as a new installation to a vacant lot or to replace a previously existing home shall be no older than two years prior to the current year it is brought into Westwinds.  Shareholders/lot renters may choose single-wides no smaller than sixteen (16) feet wide or double-wide homes.  All homes shall be subject to the size restrictions of the lot and easements.  Shareholders must receive approval, in writing, from the ROC Board for any/all homes to be brought into Westwinds prior to the scheduled arrival atWestwindsVillage.  Any/all homes must conform to the standards as stated in the Rules and Regulations of Westwinds andManateeCounty, Fl.  Any model homes brought in on speculation for sales shall be of new construction and double-wide in size.

10.    TV SERVICE:

There shall be no exterior antennas of the type for radio, CB or ham radio.  The park provides cable hook-up for each lot.  Three TV hook-ups are included in the rent or maintenance fee.  The only exception to this rule is that a resident may, at their expense, install a satellite TV dish antenna which does not exceed one meter in diameter.  Prior to installation, the resident shall get written approval from management for the purpose of ensuring that the antenna is installed in an area that is as inconspicuous as possible without interfering with the TV reception.

11.     UTILITIES:

(A) All repairs, electrical, gas, water or sewer, performed by a resident or their contractor, must be reported to the Park Manager or the Board of Directors. The costs of repairs made without the proper notification are the sole responsibility of the resident.

Westwinds is not responsible for, and will not repair, any water heater damage due to interruption of water supply. All owners must make sure their water heater has a back flow valve installed (Sec. 11.3  page 17)

(B) Responsibility Westwinds Village, Inc.

     1. ELECTRICAL:  Pedestal and Breaker Box only

     2. WATER: Water main and all shut off valves, non-potable water main and shut-off valve.

     3. SEWER: Sewer line from the main to the unit including the p-trap.

(C) Responsibility – Shareholders and Non-Shareholders

     1. ELECTRICAL: The breaker and wiring (underground) to the unit from the pedestal.

     2. WATER: Lines from unit to the shut-off valve.

     3. SEWER: Sewer lines from the p-trap to the unit.

 Any problem deemed to be caused by the Shareholder, Guests, Relatives or Renter will be the responsibility of the Shareholder or Renter.


12.     PETS:

Pets are subject to the approval of the Park. Only two (2) small house pets (that is dogs or cats), weighing no more than 25 lbs. each are permitted. Pets are not allowed to run free, be a nuisance because of noise or other reasons and must be kept on a leash at all times when out of the home. Pets may not be left outside or on a screened lanai or in a carport when the owners are absent. The owner of each pet must pick up and dispose of the pet’s waste when deposited on the grass or ground areas. Visitors with pets must conform to the above pet rules. A pet registration form must be completed by all pet owners and provided along with the latest shot record and a picture of the pet.

13.   GUEST:

A person, other than an owner, can stay overnight in Westwinds for a maximum of thirty (30) days per calendar year, and must register at the park office on or before arrival.  Guest vehicles must also be registered.  Permission in writing must be obtained from management for guests to stay for a longer period.  Such permission is granted in emergency situations and, if granted, will result in a guest fee per day per person.  Management reserves the right of determination on emergency and length of stay.  Written permission is also required for guests staying for any period of time during the owners’ absence.  Each resident is responsible for the conduct of their guest(s). Fee is posted in the park office.


No home may have more than two persons as occupants (except for guests as provided above) without the prior written consent of the Board of Directors.  In households where (3) or more persons are permitted to reside, those persons over the normal limit of two (2) may incur an extra charge per day per person for each day over 30 per year. Fee is posted in the park office.  A caregiver permitted in a home as a reasonable accommodation under federal, state, or local Fair Housing provisions are exempt from any such fee or extra charge.  Criminal background checks are required.


Residents and their guests must abide by the rules posted at recreation facilities.  This includes the clubhouse, swimming pool, shuffleboard court, pool room and library.  Residents, tenants and their guests must abide by the rules posted at recreation and other common facilities, copies of which are attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference.  Any violations of those rules are to be brought to the attention of park management.  Anyone or group intending to use the clubhouse must schedule through the REC Association. Drinking of alcoholic beverages must be confined to the proximity of the home and at Westwinds clubhouse, screened porch and patio.  Drunkenness, immoral or nuisance-type behavior will not be tolerated.

The resident is solely liable for any and all damages done by any guest or tenant.  Westwinds reserves the right to repair such damages and to charge the shareholder the actual cost of such repairs, including the office expenses and supervisory expense.  Such charge shall be due and payable the first of the month following the performance of the work and is subject to late charges after the 5th of the month due.


(A) No soliciting is permitted, except as regards canvassing by and of homeowners associations, federations, or organizations as prescribed in Sec. 723.054(3), F.S.

(B) For the safety and convenience of all, each resident must post the lot number with at least 3” letters and numbers on the home on the side facing the street.  (Per Manatee County ordinance.)

(C) Residents must register at the park office when leaving for or returning from an extended trip (for use in emergency). Contact phone numbers must be supplied to the office. The office needs to be able to contact each owner.

(D) Violation of the rules and regulations will result in: 1.) a verbal warning for the first offense, and 2.) a written warning for the second offense. 3.) If the ROC Board determines a non-shareholder/renter resident is to be evicted for violation of a rule or regulation, the procedure mandated by Chapter 723, Florida Statutes, will be followed.  For shareholders Section 11.1 of Westwinds Village Inc. by-laws and Paragraphs 29 and 30 of the Master Form Proprietary Lease will be followed.

(E) No fireworks or fires are allowed.  Only barbeque grills that are electric, propane gas, natural gas (if available) or charcoal briquettes shall be used, and only for the purpose of food preparation.

(F) The corporation absolves itself from any and all liability arising from accident or injury to any person or property through the use by residents or their guests of the park and its recreational facilities.

(G) The corporation shall not be responsible for loss or damage caused by accident, fire, theft, or any other cause.  The corporation shall not be liable for accident or injury to any person or property through the resident’s use of the recreation facilities or motorized vehicles. The residents and their guests may avail themselves of these facilities at their own risk and assume liability for any physical damage or personal injury caused by such use.  In the event of fire, or other damage or destruction of property, a resident is responsible for removing all debris from his/her property within ninety (90) days and replacing home within one (1) year (unless an extension is granted in writing by the park manager or ROC Board). Resident is responsible for rent/maintenance fee during this time.

(H) Grandfather rights apply only to current shareholders and non-shareholders of record in Westwinds Village Inc., as of the effective date of these Rules and Regulations, and are not transferable to new owners.

(I)  The Office must have on file a yearly updated “next of kin” registration form.


HOURS 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Residents and Registered Guests Only

 1.         No Smoking Allowed

2.         No Pets Allowed

3.         Only residents and registered guests are allowed to enter the pool room

4.         Registered guests must be accompanied by a resident to gain access.  Only residents and registered guests are allowed to enter the pool room

5.         Replace equipment before leaving

6.         Turn off the A/C, lights, fans and lock side door before leaving

Trespassers are subject to Sheriff`s Arrest.


Residents and Registered Guests Only

No pets or bicycles allowed inside the mail box area.

Trespassers are subject to Sheriff`s Arrest


Residents and Registered Guests Only

1.   Do not return books to the shelves after browsing

2.  Do not return books to the shelves when returning books

3.  Do not shelve books that are being donated

4.  No Smoking Allowed

Trespassers are subject to Sheriff`s Arrest


Residents and Registered Guests Only

1.   A resident request for use of the Clubhouse or Lanai shall be accomplished by contacting the Recreational Association

2.  The Clubhouse andLanaimay be used by residents

3.  There will be no outside rental of the Clubhouse orLanai

4.  Corporation sponsored activities open to all residents and the general public shall be permitted (craft fair, carport sale, etc.)

5.  No Smoking in the Clubhouse – Smoking is allowed on theLanai

6.  All tables and chairs shall be returned to their prior location at the end of the activity

7.  Cleanup of Clubhouse/Lanai, Kitchen, Utensils and any other Equipment is required (Westwinds maintenance personnel are responsible for set-up & clean-up after a BOD and/or REC meeting)

8.  All Capacity Regulations, as determined by the Manatee Fire and Rescue District, shall be strictly adhered to

9.  Turn off all lights, fans, air conditioning, and other equipment utilized during activity

10. The last person to leave the Clubhouse must lock the door to theLanaiand Clubhouse

Phone in Clubhouse area.  Call 911 in case of an emergency.  Trespassers are subject to Sheriff`s Arrest.


Residents and Registered Guests Only 

Contractors and Delivery Vehicles Shall Use the Entrance on Hwy 70

1.    Gate Closed at 9:00 P.M.

2.   Gate Opens at 7:00 A.M.

3.   Only One Vehicle through Gate Opening.

4.  The Resident is solely liable for any and all damages done by any guest or tenant.  Westwinds reserves the right to repair such damages and to charge the shareholder the actual cost of such repairs, including office expenses and supervisory expense.  Such charge shall be due and payable the first of the month following the performance of the work and is subject to late charges after the 5th of the month due.


Residents and Registered Guests Only

Westwinds is Not Responsible for Loss or Damage to Clothes

1.    No Dyeing of clothes allowed

2.    Do not overload – Washing machines will shut off and fail to operate if overloaded.  This is a design feature to protect the motor

3.   Do not put greasy clothes in washer

4.   Do not wash rugs in machines

5.    No smoking allowed

Trespassers are subject to Sheriff`s Arrest.


Telephone lines:  Cable TV lines:

Westwinds Village Inc. has no responsibility concerning any of the TV, cable or telephone lines.

Information:  When a new home is installed within the community it is the owner`s responsibility to install all the above lines in order to have cable TV or Telephone service.


 Residents and Registered Guests only

  1. Courts must be brushed before playing
  2. Absolutely no bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, scooters, walking, running jumping or playing on the green playing surface of the courts
  3. No food, beverages, or glass containers on the green playing surface of the courts
  4. Do not play on wet or damp courts
  5. Do not drag shuffle cues on the green playing surface of the courts
  6. Replace equipment when play is finished
  7. Courts are for the use of residents and registered guests only
  8. All players under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult

Trespassers are subject to Sheriff`s Arrest



Private Pool – Residents and Registered Guests Only – Bathing Load 52 Persons

1.    Pool hours are from 9:00 A.M. to Sunset – weather permitting, except during cleaning

2.  NOT allowed within pool area:

A.  Food

B.  Glass of any kind – only plastic water bottles are allowed 4 ft. minimum from pool

C.  Pets

D.  Toys:  air inflatable floats, balls, fins, bicycles, skateboards, roller blades or scooters

E.  Babies in diapers or disposable diapers

F.  A/C appliances, devices or equipment

G.  Horseplay, diving, running, jumping, boisterous behavior

H.  No full-body showering or shampooing of hair.  Note: causes a slippery surface and may get into pool filter.

3.  Swimmers shall wear swimsuits

4.  All swimmers must rinse off prior to entering pool to remove suntan oils and lotion

5.  Child safety devices, water and aerobic noodles, kickboards and approved medical devices are the only flotation devices allowed in the pool. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult resident or registered guest, 21 years of age or older

6.  No pool furniture is to be removed from the fenced pool area

7.  The lanai and back patio are available for consumption of food and drink. No storage of unattended alcohol in the lanai refrigerator is allowed.

8.  No smoking in the restrooms

9. The park will conform to the directives of the Florida Administrative Code, Chapter 64E-9 regarding swimming pools.

Phone in Restroom Area.  Call 911 in case of emergency.  Trespassers are subject to Sheriff`s arrest.


All trees in Westwinds Village Inc. on homeowners` property belong to the home owner.  (Shareowners and Non-Shareowners).  The only trees Westwinds Village Inc. are responsible for are trees on common ground.

Before a tree can be removed or a new one planted a home improvement form must be filled out and the owner must call a company; Call before you dig.  (Phone Numbers in office). Trees that are considered grand trees cannot be removed and must have an arborist certify the tree is diseased   (State and local law).  The reason behind this is the amount of canopy Manatee County is losing on an annual basis.

Westwinds Village Inc. has taken the responsibility to trim certain types of palm trees.  The only trees that will be trimmed are in the front of the home, if the home sits on a corner lot the front and side will be trimmed.   The types of palm trees that will be trimmed are Cabbage Palms, Queen Palms, Washingtonia Palms and Royal Palms.  Other ornamental palms will be trimmed when the tree is too tall for an owner to reach from the ground.


The reason the park has taken on trimming certain types of palms trees is to make the park look more uniform.  Westwinds Board of Directors does not accept the responsibility or the care of the tree other than trimming on an annual basis.

Westwinds Village Inc. would like to request, that owners plant palm trees that do not need trimming.  This will help keep maintenance fees low and still make the park attractive.  Recommended types of trees that do not require trimming are the Royal Palm and Christmas Palm.  The Royal Palm grows tall similar to the Queen Palm approximately thirty feet and the Christmas Palm grows to a height of fifteen to eighteen feet.